As the hours nearing and Obama – one of the greatest leaders in US history – is counting his final days it is time to take the opportunity to see some of the highlights of the legacy he is leaving behind.

One of the greatest achievements is to rescue US economy after GFC and Obamas’ administration must be credited for it. The rise in share market, creation of new jobs, reforming motor industry and Wall Street, contribution in the energy sector and overall economic growth is definitely one of the best achievements of his legacy.

In addition, although there are some controversies, healthcare reformation is another historic achievement of Obama administration.

Third, in terms of foreign military engagement the reduction of troops in Afghanistan is yet another milestone while ending Iraq war is also considered favourably by the rest of the world.

Overall, the image of US to the rest of the world improved during his tenure.

Well, so where Obama failed?

Obama was harshly criticised for gun policy. Americans approve stricter background check but they disapprove losing their guns.

However, in the wake of Paris attack, San Bernardino massacre, and Orlando nightclub shooting the immigration policy remains as the most debatable issue. To further fuel the tensions, Hillary Clinton – his successor – has declared to bring another 65,000 Syrian Refugee into the states if she is elected.

Yet, the most appalling is the next. The very place where 3000 innocent civilians were killed by the worst ever terrorist attack in the history of US – the ground-zero – where a mosque was to be built as a symbol of total disgrace and humiliation – the Córdoba’ mosque – was supported by Obama himself. A president couldn’t be so blatant and disrespectful to the sovereignty of the nation; a president couldn’t be so insolent to those deceased souls who suffered a cowardly and savage premature death. Sorry dear Obama you deserve nothing but disgrace on this occasion.

(The name Córdoba has special significance for its unprecedented brutality and violence during Islamic invasion in Visigoth Spain. Long Story short, Roger Collins puts it this way

(Arab Conquest) “in scale and intensity exceeded anything to be found elsewhere in Western Europe in these centuries. Even in Córdoba at its cultural apogee it will have been hard to escape the reek of decomposing flesh from the decapitated heads displayed on the gates and the bodies of those publically crucified, left to rot in front of the palace.”



So dear readers, do you see any resemblance to “in scale and intensity exceeded anything” to that of the memory of 9/11?

And our Obama – in a shameless and cowardly way – supported this.)

2. “Empowerment’ of women does more harm than benefit the cause of women or their relations with men,” Saleha Mahmood Abedin maintained, while forcefully arguing in favor of Islamic laws that have been roundly criticized for oppressing women.

“Among all systems of belief, Islam goes the farthest in restoring equality across gender,” Saleha Mahmood Abedin

If the above comments shocked you in anyway – well this is the comment of the mother of Clinton’s longest-serving and, by all accounts, most loyal aide – Huma Abedin – The devout, Saudi-raised Muslim – a co-conspirator of the terrorist organisation Muslim brotherhood.

After all these instances of her ties to terrorist organisations does Hillary deserves to be the president of US??

In addition, there has been a report – although its truth could not be fully verified because of its private nature – claims that Hillary is suffering from various physical diseases including dementia and seizure.

So finally it leaves us with republican candidate Donald Trump. Well, he is levelled as stupid, idiot, Islamophobe etc and he deserves all of them. He is by no means a morally superior person than anyone above. But to be fair he has genuine interests for the security of the entire nation and that’s something what makes a big difference.